How does one delete an uploaded model ?

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Has anyone noticed how there is a restriction to deleting your models. Strange that other platforms let you and this one doesn't.

Anyone know how I can delete ? (without emailing and asking !!) The lack of this control puts me off this platform.


Posted about 1 year ago

As ldesign3dstudio said you joined analytics, that prevents you from deleting models.
And A few days ago I had to contact CGT team because it has been more than 12 months to the analytics but I did not get back my deleting feature.

Now it has been solved.

LemonadeCG wrote
Hmm, i just looked at my settings and found that my 12 months term is over too, yet analytics participation checkbox remains greyed out and i still have no full contrl over my models. Why the hack we have to beg for something that should be made automatically. I had almost no benefit from analytics, but only inconveniences. Oh well...
acera17 wrote
Well maybe they are too much busy with deteriorating the frontpage of CGTrader maybe ?
ldesign3dstudio wrote
"The Seller must inform CGTrader at least 6 months before terminating the agreement" No way around contacting them it seems. Analytics is definitely not worth the commitment. I currently don't have any issues with CGT, but you never know what might happen, owner can change overnight, so I don't think it's smart to be committed to any marketplace, especially over something as trivial as analytics.
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Posted 7 months ago


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