CGTrader Analytics Terms of Service

Without any prejudice to General Terms and Conditions, the Seller agrees to keep all uploaded Content available on CGTrader for licensing (sale or free download) for the period of 12 months after signing the agreement, however, this does not in any way limit the right of the Seller to also grant similar license rights to other parties through other channels during this period. By agreeing to participate in the Analytics program, the Seller shall gain access to the following features free of charge:

(i) Access to exclusive real-time data about market trends, top keywords, category and conversion analysis, and other statistics;

(ii) Access to detailed analyses of the Seller's own model library and sales performance data, including page-views, conversion, price suggestions, and other data;

The Seller shall have no right to terminate the agreement before the end of the agreed period of 12 month. The Seller must inform CGTrader at least 6 months before terminating the agreement. The Seller agrees to properly exercise the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions regulating the obligations, licence rights and payment processing of the Seller, including all other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions (excluding par. 20.8 and provisions regarding the termination of the agreement) during this period. The specified termination of the agreement means opting out of the program and does not include erasure of the profile. The erasure of profile procedure is set and performed in accordance with General Terms and Conditions. The provided term of 6 months to opt out of the program is not applicable in cases where the failure of CGTrader to perform the agreement or the defective performance thereof is considered to be an essential violation of the agreement.