How do you create triangles low poly models ?

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Hey Guys !

I'm wondering how can you create these kind of low poly models, but the polys are triangles like this :

Because when I try to model in lowpoly I can olny get square polygons :/

Thanks in advance ! :)

(PS Working with C4D and when I use the triangulate mesh, it only cut my polygons in 2)


Posted over 2 years ago

decimation mesh in zbrush. also in houdini there is an option called remesh

acera17 wrote
Thanks ! Any way to do it in Cinema 4d ? :)
tridemotion wrote
c4d is a great program, but i'm not a c4d user. :) also you can research mesh lab's decimation options, it's free useful software. and also you may be interested on blender, it has sculpting tools, so i guess it should be able to make a decimations as well.
acera17 wrote
Okayy thank you I'll definitely check that out ! :D
Posted over 2 years ago

Almost every 3d modeling software allows you to triangutate the mesh. Yes, in general triangulation option cut your square polys to tris, increasing the number of poligons. But as mentioned above such options as remesh or decimate usually allows you to choose if you need tris and how dense the mesh should be. Howewer, sometimes the result topology is fare from perfect, so you still have to learn how to make retopology manually.

acera17 wrote
Yes I made searches since I posted here and I learned automatic topology with the free software Instant Meshes, and that does suit me for now :) I'll learn retopology manual later ;) thanks !

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