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Hi, I am looking for advice I need help to please anybody can advise me good category which model I upload on my profile! Likes cars, 3d prints any category please! you can tell me any answer in your mind help me! I am confused about which model I worked on? basically, I have to earn passive income, I create anything just need a way! please help me with your advice have the power of changing my life, My goal is of any category I choose I fill my profile with the category, Like which category and models are in demand? any answer helps me Thanks for your wonderful advise


Posted about 1 month ago

First of all, make what like making and make what you are good at.
If you don't like a category of models, it will often be visible in the work in the form of a lack of creativity and inspiration.
And the better you are at making certain types of models, the faster you can produce them without compromising quality.

My best selling models the models i most enjoyed making and the models i had the best inspiration for.

But if you really must have other people tell you what to do, i would recommend using CG traders analytics system. that system tells you what models are most in demand (according to their algorithm).

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Can't say it better.
Posted about 1 month ago

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