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I've been on the site for over 4 months now. During this time there were only 2 sales. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Maybe I chose the wrong category?

This is my profile


Posted 2 months ago

Thank you, I'm already starting to worry that I have bad models )

jaguarbeastproduction wrote
Models are cool. Description, renders, chosen theme, all's good, nothing to criticize. Good luck :)
PayalAswani wrote
The models are really good! the texturing is spot on. keep up the good work!
Posted 2 months ago

just stay on your path, models are cool

p.s. I only sold my first model after 2 years :D

chagarin wrote
Thank you) Thank you very much for your support)
Posted 2 months ago

Perhaps a numbers game too my friend! You have 9 models uploaded here. Carry on uploading, creating and developing your skills and it will come! Have you tried other market places! Unreal for example if thats your target audience? Not to take anything away from this great site!

chagarin wrote
Yes, I tried other market places, but there are no sales either ) But I did not upload my models to Unreal.
Posted 2 months ago

I am also experiencing the same thing here

Posted about 1 month ago

Your model nice
but you need to know selling is not easy to do
please keep making these cool thing

Posted 21 days ago

You have great quality work man dont worry... My first sale occur after 2 years of upload currently having good selling ration keep uploading good quality artworks.

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