Free downloaded models dont have any textures or colors

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Hi - I'm a complete newbie ! I have downloaded several really great free 3D cartoon models. However, none of my downloaded models have any textures or colors. Is there a place to turn on embedding into .fbx and .obj files or this is how the free models are available?

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Posted 2 months ago

Depends what software you are using and what package they we're originally created in. Are they UV mapped? If they are you need to download the texture files and sometime(not always) plug them in manually! fbx and obj are universal model file formats across 3D platforms to a point. Materials are usually embedded in an .fbx and for obj the mtl. file has the materials. You don't usually need to turn anything one when importing. If they are not UV mapped then as a general rule materials in one software don't translate to another. A model that has been created in Blender with regular materials (not UV mapped) won't usually work in Max or Cinema.

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