Completely unrealistic expectations by people offering project work...

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Check out this project description -

Description I am seeking a skilled designer to create a 3D model of the Mercury God based on the attached image. The design should be kept simple with minimal detailing, as specified in the image provided. Key Requirements: - Follow the dimensions and details outlined in the attached image. (Need exact pose of the model but it should be mercury god) - Pay close attention to the positioning of hands, legs, and other specified details. - The final design should be suitable for 3D printing. Files Required: - .STP file - .STL file Budget: $20 Timeframe: 8 hours from now Important Notes: - Only apply if you can deliver high-quality work within the specified time frame. - Refer to the attached image for detailed instructions; precision is crucial. - I am available for a Google Meet discussion to address any questions or clarifications. Application Instructions: 1. Carefully review the attached image for design specifics. 2. Ensure your application demonstrates understanding of the simplicity and basic details required. 3. Include examples of relevant past work. 4. Confirm availability for a Google Meet discussion. Looking forward to collaborating with a talented designer who can meet these requirements effectively. Regards

Notice that we want all this "attention to detail" on what is a fairly complex figure sculpting project ... for the offered recompense of $20.00 USD. I might be able to include "examples of relevant past work" for $20.00, LOL.


Posted 21 days ago

... and there are 4 applicants. People! Have you lost your minds?

tobiasrieper wrote
If someone is willing to sell their models for 2$ (I won't get into stolen/legit), obviously it isn't hard to assume that same person, in most cases will sell their soul for 20$. Also there is one thing that buyers don't understand (or don't want to understand) is that custom built, custom license model and the model wich is on sale is not the same thing. So you often hear "How you can ask 200$ for custom model when you charge only 25-40-50$ for models that are on sale on your profile, have you lost your mind ?"
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There are two categories: residents of poor countries and those for whom 3D is just a hobby that has nothing to do with their professional activities. Attempts to change something by providing arguments that dumping has a bad effect on the industry, other sellers, etc. are in most cases useless. Those who agree to projects for 20$ don’t care about the industry, other sellers, CGTrader as a community and marketplace, they don’t need long courses or improving skills. The only way to change this is to carry out strict reforms regarding content moderation, that is to set clear, specific conditions and restrictions regarding sales and everything related to projects. But at the moment this is not possible and if this becomes possible in the future CGTrader will then become a completely different marketplace.

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I bet most of the applicants for that job will say, "I need the money", unfortunately, however, by accepting such a low price, those applicants are effectively saying that this is fair pay, and showing customers that they can get something for almost nothing. So in the future, those customers will say, "If you accepted a job for $20, you'll do similar work in the future for $15...$10....$5....$0 and a promise that they will tell their friends about you.

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many of these 3D artists will soon be swept away by Ai 3D.... estimated costs are $10 - $12 per month to generate as many models do you want... good luck to the low price precursors.

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Yeah, and after thanks to AI Turbosquid and many other companies go bankrupt and big serious guys in large offices realize that they have taken a wrong way a revolution will come. Although, given puppy delight ChatGPT at the idea of ​​combining it with robot Atlas it is quite possible that fat and very thin guys will not even have time to realize their mistakes.

mak21 wrote
you're right Turbosquid has made quality and certified models bla bla ... and then it goes down a road of no return .... pure madness

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