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Hey everyone,

Eimantas from CGTrader team here. As some of you may know, we have our very own Instagram account devoted to model promotion. Recently we thought of a simple but nice feature - designer of the week - a week of instagram posts of selected designer’s models for a whole week and a link to his profile in our bio.

Now we thought it would be fun to let the community could decide the designer who should be named in that little “throne”. After all you know best who is worthy of the title. But before you declare your nominations there are some rules that we should follow (should does not mean we must :)


At least 30 models (galleries count too), but that doesn’t mean that designer with the most models should win;

Originality and quality should get the priority;

If you dare you can nominate yourself, the community will decide your fate

Everyone can nominate a designer that he thinks is worthy.

There can be a few selected designers - we have a lot of weeks, to be honest.

Voting and nomination:

If nobody mentioned your nominee just write his name (or add a link) as a comment. If the nominee is mentioned you can up vote that comment

The first winner will be declared next Friday and the winner will be on our instagram on October 10-16.

Also don’t forget to follow us on instagram :)

P.S. Let’s see how this goes - maybe we’ll have quite a few winners in the future :)


Posted over 4 years ago

Here’s some of my own nominations. Architectural details are clearly my thing :)

Posted over 4 years ago

Right Eduardas, hopefully this time i've managed to pick up designer which doesn't fall under your radar yet. How about this guy:
He has some amazing lowpoly models.

miaomiao3d wrote
I have been following this artist too limonadinis! Great choice!
eimantas-j wrote
Excellent choice limonadinis. Little child will be our pick for designer of the week.
littlechild wrote
Hi, Guys! That's awesome news! I'm so happy that I'm selected for showcasing my works on CG trader Instagram. Thank you all who bring up my person to discussion!

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