CGtrader remove my model: Phantom 4???

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CGtrader removed my model without giving any reason ???

I am a longtime seller on this market and I need a clear explanation.

Someone stole my model and shared it for free on the website: cadnav. He then accused me of stealing a model from this website. I was removed from the model by CGtrader without giving any reason or explanation.

This is awful for sellers like me. I need your help, every one.

Thanks you.


Posted 4 months ago

I make my model from April 19 2016. What happen? Thief report my model? That so funny!

Posted 4 months ago

1.Contact support (if you haven't already) they will explain, if they remien silent than the reason is stolen model and to be clear, they do not make mistakes when it comes to this.
2. Can you in any way proove that you are the real author of that model from cadnav? If yes than post here some proof (example: couple of viewport grabs with blueprints setup and model etc)
3. If you proove that model is indeed yours than the problem could be copyright infragment because we are talking about real life thing, (if I understand corectly this is Phantom 4 camera drone).
4. Read this

Posted 4 months ago

Sorry everyone, this is only a temporary automatic pattern lock feature when someone reports. I have sent a support ticket and the model will be back soon.

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