CGT Wildcat is modern day slavery!

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These guys pay peanuts with very high standards. As if that is not enough they will give you 24hr deadlines while Q/A takes weeks. No one replies to you, You are basically talking to a wall when you need technical explanations. I did an SM task and @MarijusCGT the assigned Q/A never answered a single questions of the many I asked seeking clarification. The guy only knows how to point out petty issues. This platform is pure garbage. Skilled labor like 3D modelling should not be trashed the way these guys trash 3D artists.


Posted 3 months ago

Hi @akimov4030,

We are sorry to hear that you feel this way about our platform. We do have high standards for work quality and strict processes for Quality Assurance and project timelines, as we are always aiming to deliver the highest level of quality to our business customers.

As for the payments to our designers, we work towards ensuring that our prices are competitive for most of our community, however, we understand that this is a very subjective topic and people might feel differently about money based on their life experience, age, country of residence and many other criteria. We are happy to say that within last couple of months we already increased our prices by 20-30%, and very soon we will announce a major change in our pricing terms, which will introduce even higher prices.

Upon checking your particular case we found that you have broken a couple of Wildcat rules, the most important being not playing the game fair. We will be contacting you about this matter directly.

To sum up, we are always looking for ways to improve our service, platform and communication and we appreciate honest opinions from our users, so thank you sharing your feedback with us.

Aurelija CGT

Posted 3 months ago

Your are on someone's created platform, you dont expect to be treated fairly.
Just like some bosses dont give much respect to their employees. Best thing is to find another platform that best suits your needs.

Posted 3 months ago

I don't understand purpose of this topic. Do someone have a high caliber assault rifle pointed to your head and force you to do it ? If this isn't the case there is a very very easy way to solve this problem, if you don't like it stop doing it, stop being as you said slave and move one.

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