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Hey guys,

I know I'm asking to much, but would anybody of the seasoned sellers share their hard data to compare TS and CGT? I'm on both sites, but I have like 95+% models on TS under their Guild programme and I'm selling on CGT only models that TSquid foor some reason refused to sell or made to complicated to sell so I lost the nerve and rather put it here. I'd say that lately the CGT does pretty well, but my impression is based on few models only and on models that I can't compare with TS.

How many models do you have on TS/CGT?

Do you have the same or different prices on CGT/TS?

How much money do your models generate on CGT compared to TS?

Thank you


Posted 3 days ago

I wont give any exact numbers. but this is my impression.
I sell more models on cgtrader then on TS.
Together with the increased royalties here on cg trader, i make somewhere between between 60 and 80% of all profit on cgtrader and only 20% to 40% on TS.

At this point, i am only still selling on TS to have my models online as some sort of back up in case something would happen to cgtrader. I like to spread my risk a bit.
But if i was given some sort of ultimatum and i had to decide to delete 1 of the 2 accounts, i would give up TS in a hartbeat and go to cgtrader.
At the start of my modeling carrier, i also had the TS guild program/exclusive agreement. Biggest mistake i made and gave it up after 3 months.

Posted 2 days ago

Hey, I decided to not use turbosquid because of the low royalty rates and the uploading system is abit complicated. It is still a good site to sell things on though.

Posted about 9 hours ago

Those in Ts guild just don't know they can make more here and most people here probably aren't going to tell them because they can successfully out-compete the Ts exclusives here, they would probably like them to stay ignorant.

Rest assured, there are no special Ts customers, there are only your customers and you can decide where you serve them.

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