Bounding volumes not in place?

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I'm using Marvelous Designer. The bounding volumes aren't properly wrapping around my character model. I imported it from DAZ 3D. They are on the lower half, but not the upper half. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?


Posted over 1 year ago

I’m not a Marvelous designer user but it sounds to me your having more then one part in some type of group, either find way to select sub-elements within this group or find way to attach all elements withing the group so you get one complete object.

No idea if this info helps you in any way (probably incorrect) but it’s my best guess.

You probably gonna have more luck asking these types of question at (

Posted over 1 year ago

I haven't used MD for some years now, but there was a tutorial over on their website on how to set up anchor points and bounding volumes for one of the Genesis figures. I did go through it and it did set up the bounding volumes correctly but it was so much finicky and lengthy work that I didn't bother for my second avatar import. You can create clothing just fine without bounding volumes, you just need to place the pattern manually in the 3D window before running a simulation.

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