Published dimensions are different from my measurements

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Hi there,

I need a little help understanding why the uploader's dimensions for my 3D print models are about 10% of what my app is telling me the dimensions are. It's probably my app, but could someone take a look at the uploader's results just to make sure, please?  I need to know if I have to replace the teeny tiny lockets I've uploaded.  

Also, with streaming, do buyers have opportunity to size as they choose, or are they limited to the scale of models sellers upload?



Posted almost 6 years ago

You need to export to STL in millimeters, i.e. I am working in centimeter in 3ds max and when exporting something like 10x10x20cm model without changing it's scaling, I would end up with 1x1x2cm 3D print, so I need to scale the model to 1000% in order to get the proper 10x10x20cm 3D print STL format.

In other words, it does not matter in what units you are working in your 3D modeling software as they will be interpreted as millimeters by 3D printing software (5in will be 5mm in 3D print, 0,2 meters will be 0,2mm, etc.).

Posted almost 6 years ago

Thanks Ricardas. I dimension models in mm in my modelling app (Silo) before exporting OBJ for conversion to STL in MeshLab. I thought the size - as I designed the models- was exported too. Looks like I'll have tinker with the output to get it right. Thanks again.

Posted almost 6 years ago

OK, so I scaled in METERS! and the published dimensions are right now. I hope that solves the issue in the actual model files. Otherwise, buyers will be 3D printing house-sized lockets.

Thanks again, Ricardas.

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