Proof of printabilty of my Models!!!

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I am super excited to announce that thanks to

Jan Moderski

my first car print is finally done!


Posted almost 4 years ago

Congrats dude ;D

Posted almost 4 years ago

Well, that is a prime example of why you ALWAYS have to disable smoothing when doing preview images of 3D print models. Your car on preview images looks way much better, because smoothing is hiding low polygonal nature of your model, while printed object reveals harsh truth - your car is hardly suitable for 3D printing. I would feel cheated if i would buy this model :/

Anyway, congrats on your first printing. I hope it will let you learn more about that matter and will allow you to further improve quality of your models.

Posted almost 4 years ago

Yes agreed! Also I was told you can get it to look more smooth by using higher quality plastic and this latest version that I had printed was also made more blocky on purpose by the artist to save on print time.

The actual model should print smoother than this one.

Yes I still have a lot to learn!!! So exciting though to finally have something to show!!

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