New Recycled Plastics Extruder

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Hello guys,

I'm thinking of making my own 3D-printer at home except I plan on designing a recycled plastics extruder that uses HDPE or Polypropylene from used plastic containers, this would obviously spare me from continuously buying the filament rolls thus making my parts more cost effective, I have no problem with the CNC parts, controls or the programming, just the extruder, I was hoping if you guys can help me out with ideas/tips or tell me if it's a good idea from your experience.



Posted over 7 years ago

The current design of 3d printer is suited well for the size of them and functionality. If you think to produce filament rolls from recycled plastic you will be on right way.

Posted over 7 years ago

From my experience I suggest that you buy an 3D printer kit (I would recommend a RepRap ki, they range from 300$ - 3000 $) at the beginning and familiarize yourself with the idea and the principles of construction and then move on at improving or designing a new printer.

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