Eris Seemecnc perfect 3D printer for beginners!

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Just got my Eris from Seemecnc. It is an amazing printer and it is the perfect printer for beginners. It comes fully assembled, it is well packaged and sturdy.

It does not require the user to do any bed leveling as it is auto leveling. It comes with Mattercontrol so you do not need to fiddle around endlessly with Cura or Repetier Host to get it to slice and print your models.

Mattercontrol takes only STL files so make sure you have Blender or some other converter to convert your OBJ into Stl files.

The Eris is very easy to take apart if it ever gets jammed all you need is a basic wrench and you can open it up to remove the backed up plastic.

I am always unlucky no matter what I do so I am the perfect person to send your printers for testing. Chances are I will find issues to trouble shoot even if your printer is perfect.

As far as my Eris goes I was only able to print 5 prints, (those prints came out just as well as what you would get on a Prusa which costs more and is also not portable.

As I am a very unlucky person my Eris had it's first big issue after the 5th print where the metal part that holds the boudin tube came out. After I fixed it even as a broken printer it was still able to print quite well which is a testament to how sturdy this printer can be even in the hands of a completely unlucky idiot.

On the other hand if you buy a 101 hero then it really takes some skill to get something like that to work. So the Eris is perfect for people who want to give 3D printing a shot almost hassle free straight out of the box.

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