Behold .. free medieval boxes sculpt !

Discussion started by keta-minies

Hey !

Here are my first two models in here, some medieval boxes

I know i'm a bit overly happy about this hahah i mean it's just boxes

but ehh didn't we all start somewhere ?


Posted 7 months ago

Actually not bad at all. Will look nice printed.
Do more objects with the same style and you will have very sellable collection.

keta-minies wrote
Thanks a lot man! :) Will do! I really hope it get good result with printing, i'm having a hard time finding the exact right level of detail ! But cheers ! Ya made my day :) Thanks for your time man!
Posted 7 months ago

W.I.P ( and test :p )

keta-minies wrote
Trying to put a WIP image but seems that i cannot T_T

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