3d Tutorial: Cubic Gyroid Abstract For 3D Print

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This is my latest modeling tutorial, specifically geared toward creating an interesting and complex polygon math model for 3d print, with only the basic modeling tools available in 3dsmax. I also have a Blender version of this process on my channel, for those of you who model with Blender.


You can also find the Blender version of this technique here:


Also, a friend and prolific Wings3D modeler, Micheus Vieira, took my tutorial and converted the strategy to Wings3D. So if you use Wings3D as a solid modeler for 3d printing, you can follow along and create this model from his video here:


Hope you find this useful! Thanks.


Posted about 5 years ago

Hey John, came across your material on yotube a couple of months ago and seen a few of your tutorials. Really enjoyed your clear approach and I didn't have the loop tools in my workflow before, which is such a nice tool. So thanks man! Keep rocking:)

Posted over 1 year ago

Just viewed the content on YouTube and found it a great tutorial. This is similar to some of those which I viewed on 3D Printers Bay just a few days back. Keep the good work up. Thanks.

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