101 hero printed boat that floats !!!!

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101 hero printed boat that floats!

I was able to print this boat on a 101 hero and it floats! The quality of the print is not amazing because the printer is the cheapest on the market and let's face it does not yield the best results but this also means that whatever printer you own will print my model better!




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I would say that's a fair result considered the price of the printer! Would you recommend it for cheap prototyping?

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Yes but only if you do the following because otherwise you will just waste your money, end up wanting to pull out your hair and stomp on the printer!

Warning if you want to buy and use a 101 hero disregard all their false advertising.

Buy the developer version of the printer. You need to be able to control the printer from your computer using Repetier or other tethering software. Using the printer from the SD card is a waste of time! The printer is totally unreliable from the SD card alone!

You will need to learn Cura and Repetier to get the printer to work or other paid software... I heard simplify 3D is great though I have never used it.

Be very careful during assembly because the parts could break especially the motors.
You may even need to buy extra screws because the ones that come with the printer are not good.

If you follow these guidelines you should have a good time! I didn't have a good time because I had to figure all this out myself!!!

There are some good vids by Maker's muse... Angus. Also another guy

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Good videos to learn from if you want a 101 hero. It is a truly awesome printer if you know what you are doing and are looking to learn how to 3d print!

Warning! Do not buy it for your kids to play with! It is not for kids, more like 3D printing experts or tinkerers who want to become experts and are not worried about breaking it, modding it and buying, replacing parts on it!

Watch all these vids before you buy one and make sure you are conformable with doing most of what is on these vids.

Chances are that even if yours works straight out of the box eventually you will have to mod it because it will break... all 3D printers do so that isn't just something you need to worry about on this one.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKdnONOKskQ Maker's Muse Angus

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExKuZ8SCLSc Workshop Tinkerers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6k0iUYG3jY&t=16s gameflip

David is good at configuring and assembling the printer.

blobfortress wrote
I see. So not exactly the "starter" printer then :D
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Well it could be if the company did not do so much false advertising and provided proper customer support!

I tried getting them to recommend a good quality filament that works with their printer... it feels like they don't even know. They do not recommend their own filament because with shipping it ends up being very expensive for low end plastic.

If I were the owner of the company that makes the 101 hero I would get my people to study which filament works best on the machine as well as easy to find in store or on the net at a reasonable price for people who are in the market for a low end printer.

Using the right filament and having a proper temperature sheet that works well based on weather conditions as well as filament quality takes a lot of the drama out of 3D printing!

As is there is too much guess work involved and the out of the box profile and settings don't work at all even with the tiny amount of test filament they send you.

This is really a printer for tinkerers who want to learn how to 3d print and mod their printers.

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