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hello I'm new here and made a Grenade Launcher but I'm not sure if I priced it right or wrong since I have no experience in that, the weapon can be used for any purpose and I put for 60$ but I want your opinions to know if it's over priced or no :D

the model can be found here:


Posted over 1 year ago

Just look at other people who also model weapons and adjust your price to theirs, you can't go higher than the market so stay in the market range which is around $40 but really you have to decide. Also quality of your model plays a big part in your pricing.

royex1 wrote
ah thanks for the reply :D my problem was that I checked common weapons and they range from 60 to 80$ but for the grenade launchers they range from 20 to 40$ so I got confused, I will change the price, thanks^^

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