UFO - KIT bash pack - 16 Low Poly 4k PBR - your Input Needed!

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Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a productive week.

I finished off my KIT-Bash UFO pack this week. As a 22 years sci-fi commercial artist it's about time I put my skills use to good use and create an awesome UFO pack which consists of many classic UFO`s from Sighting`s around the Globe. I will be adding 4 more to this pack over time and being low Poly and 4k PBR, they have huge usage potential. Most of these crafts are less than 4k Polys/Triangles. Instead of charging $20 - £30 each for these which would be the norm, I am releasing my full pack (16) for less than $30 which makes it less than $2 per 4k PBR low Poly UfO. Some of the craft has some awesome detail and look great in VR. Hope you like my pack guys and be sure to check it out over on CG trader for more pics, info, and specs: https://www.cgtrader.com/…/ufo-kit-bash-1-16-low-poly-pbr-u…

I Want to add 4 more UFO`s to the pack over the coming month and I would like you guys to point out any popular UFO`s which I missed. I want to stay clear of movie themes etc due to IP so I am basing this pack from sightings and hoaxes. What is your favorite UFO you would like to see in this pack?


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