The Quest for the most Universal 3D Model

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I just uploaded my first model, this profile will be focused on selling history related low poly models.

With so many 3d software and render engines my intention is to provide an asset as universal possible; In order to achieve this i uploaded .fbx and .obj formats, along with several textures to maximize compatibility with different render engines.

Im familiar with 3dsmax-Vray engine, but i want to get familiar with PBR and real time engines, specially Unity and Unreal.

I would like to hear any thoughts regarding making a model as universal as possible. Which are the most popular render engines today? What are the considerations an artist must have to comply with present industry standard? Which are the most effective universal formats: obj, fbx, 3ds? What are the best practices for creating a texture, size, format? etc.

Any thoughts, questions or ideas are welcome. Thank you!

Here is my first model >

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