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Realistic Horse 3D model. Clean UVmapped and professional textured. Based on high quality best references. Smoothable mesh with quads mostly in 3D max. It is modeled, texturized with UV-s, rigged and animated in 3D Max.

Also,the 3D model it is imported to Autodesk Maya 2018. Where the horse 3D model has been iluminated and rendered in good quality in Arnold 2018. The geometry of 3D model in Autodesk Maya 2018 it is in triangulated because it has been imported from 3D Max.

ANIMATION: The horse animation is galloping (running), jumping and standing up in her two back legs.

FORMATS (files included) : 3D Max original file with the model well modeled, rigged and animated, the Autodesk 3D Maya scene , .fbx and , obj. Also There are many rendered images of horse in different perspectives and a short video of animations.

TEXTURES: Brown horse skin and normal.

If you have any questions or any problem contact me. Thank you!

I hope you like it!

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