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We are a new group to the Market and would like some feedback on our little store so far. We have made a few sales so far but any tips or critiques or comments are appreciated. Check us out ....


Posted almost 2 years ago

Nothing looks bad, prices seem okay, but not much really stands out to me either. If I needed a 3D piece of cheese, your cheese looks as good as any other piece of cheese I've seen.

This will be a matter of preference, so take it with a grain of salt: Personally, I'm not a big fan of dark and dreary medieval fantasy. I grew up with bright colorful cartoony worlds like Chrono Trigger, Shining Force, Legend of Dragoon, He-Man, Thundarr, Herculoids, etc. I'd be interested to see more hand-painted or low poly graphics than dime-a-dozen dreary PBR. I wish there was more creativity than just the same old medieval villages. But I understand that a lot of game developers don't think that way. You can see from the items I sell that I go pretty far in the opposite direction and they don't exactly sell like hotcakes.

In more general terms, I would rather buy collections, rather than piecemeal parts. When I buy 3D models, chances are I'm setting up an entire scene, not looking for an individual prop, so I'd rather have the convenience of buying a single collection with everything I need. I know CGT rewards quantity, but I've never spent money on individual props myself.

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