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I have been using Turbosquid checkmate Tool for a long time , it not only helps me to find imperfections in my models but also it helps me to eliminate all errors so i can be confident on uploading my models for sale

if you are not understanding what i am talking about please follow this link ( using this plugin tool you can check your models Poly count , any N-gons etc... it supports maya , max c4d etc...

is there any similar tools available on CG trader ?

if so please provide a link it will help me a lot


Posted about 1 month ago

sorry for that i am not answering your required question.
I want to know that is this plugin can be used in blender?

gouthammannuru wrote
Yes, this plugin is available for 3dsmax, Maya , c4d, Lightwave, and blender 2.7.... but for 2.80 it is not available may be they are working on it , this is a question better asked to turbo squid support . this is all the information i know. and it is free to download , just follow this link
Posted about 1 month ago

thanks for helping me

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