Making of Slow Dance music video by Tarin Camarena - exclusive interview: from DigiDouble to full visual effects simulation

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Cebas is very excited to finally get to showcase the 'Slow Dance' music video by Julian Camarena - And Behind-the-Scenes full CGI visual effects breakdown by Tarin Camarena.
A lot of you would know Tarin from the but recently, more from the Camarena brothers production of 'Slow Dance' music video that has to date seen more than 1 million viewers and still going strong. Here goes,

cebas: Firstly, Thank-you and Welcome to cebas Insights Interview.You have been an active member in the cebas community for quite some years now and we are glad that you are now ready to show and tell us about yourself and your FX work, especially with thinkingParticles.

Tarin Camarena: No problem, I am glad to be here... (read it all @ )


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