High Quality Business Man Rigged Animated with Cloth Simulation

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High Quality Business Man Rigged Animated with Cloth Simulation


business man low-poly 3d model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time apps.

This is a model of a high detail Business man character,in both version (Cloth Sim) and (Cloth Rig) Ready to use

Originally created with Maya 2014 and exported to 3dsmax 2014 as FBX,
fully function in 3dsmax all the animation works perfectly


This model is suitable for use in advertising, design visualization,

film, game cut scenes,Commercial , VR, etc...


- This model contains Body, Two Eyeballs,Teeth,Tongue,Shoes,hair,Cloth,sunglasses,briefcase

- This model includes realistic Mentalray SSS shaders.


- All preview images are rendered with Mentalray

- No compositing used, Product is ready to render as



-TEXTURE / MATERIALS - The textures are UV mapped,. The texture mapsinclude: color maps for subsurface










||Rig Specification||

Body Rig

High Quality RIG - The model is custom rigged allowing full control of all Character For Both Face And Body

rig feature

The Body Rig animator friendly control setup and it’s production
ready features, this body setup will help you get the most out of your

– IK/FK switching on spine

– Advanced spine setup without IK popping

– Seamless IK/FK switching

– IK/FK head

– IK/FK arms

– IK/FK legs

– IK/FK fingers

– Stretchy arms, legs, spine and neck

– Bend controls on legs and arms

– FULL foot control

– Elbow and knee sliders

– Open scale on all body parts

– Leg and arm thickness control

– Pose mirroring

– Isolation controls to keep poses solid

Face Rig

The Face Rig Face rig has everything you need.

-lid controls with emotion control

-Eye scaling

-Eye lid twisting

-Skull controls, top and bottom

-chin Jaw bone controls

-Full mouth corner control

_Eyebrow Controls

_Lip Controls


High Quality Animation ready to use and adjustable

Diffrent type and verity of walk and many Actions







-Sitting Down


-On the phone

-walking and talking







-Lighting Scene is included

_Maya_File contains Body and Clothes Animation.

_FBX Contains the exported Character and cloths to be use in any 3d
application such as 3dsmax- blender -c4d game engines-any application
that accept geometry cache XML File data

_Cloth_Cache contains all the Geometry Cache file for Maya

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