Bridal bouquet multicolor

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The model is an object with a manifold mesh of 77,970 quads (100%). No faces intersected or distorted. No poles of more than 5 edges. UVmap without overlapping. Original textures of 4096x4096 px with 5 colors for lisianthus and other 5 for roses. Also available with rig.

Bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet with rig


Posted almost 3 years ago

Hello! I am a 3D artist (Artist) in search of orders for 3D modeling. I am ready to cooperate on favorable terms.
Consider the ideas on modelling: the game props, accessories for interior, landscaping small scenes of houses, etc. With complex elements do not work (including: bio-organic, mechanical)
Advantageous condition:
step 1: you assign a deadline
item 2: Payment after completion
item 3: Considering TR (test work)
item 4: Price is negotiable (depending on level of complexity)
Item 5: in the course of my work, I will consult with you in order to make adjustments.
My work, which You can already buy in stores: Oh...
or by Email:

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