3D Virtual Showroom Vol 5 released!

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Hi :)

With this kit, will you be able to present your products, within a neutral and modern design environment.

Present your products in 3D or VR! (projects presentation, vehicles, photos, painting, multimedia events, interactive applications etc...).

The pack is tablet and mobile friendly! Just think to resize textures...

Flat textures are provided (also normal maps, metal maps, details), if you want to personalize the kit for your needs.
You just have to change the colors to personalize your showroom!

The video/screenshot scene is provided!


VIDEO YOUTUBE : https://youtu.be/7ODAhg1Jypg


Posted over 2 years ago

Nice work and great idea,

This is probably how VR website templates are going to look in near future, maybe first hint of the beginning of a category on its own here.

barking-dog wrote
Many thanks ;) I hope so!
Posted over 2 years ago

great job and i too agree with i iterateCGI this is amust for virtual reality

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