3D Showroom Level Kit Vol 5

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Hi all

Here is my last product, 3D Showroom Level Kit Vol 5 is a prefabs kit (38 prefabs/meshes), to help

you to create high tech neutral showrooms interiors and exterior for Unity 3D version 2017.

The kit is very easy to use and customize!

Present your products in 3D or VR! (projects presentations, vehicles, exhibitions, multimedia, events

interactive applications, marketing launch etc...).

You can create any size you want rooms with multiple floors! The pack is VR, tablet and mobile friendly!

Just think to resize textures and decrease rendering options...

Flat textures are provided (also normal maps, metal (two types), and AO maps), if you want to personalize

the kit for your needs. You just have to change the colors to personalize your own showroom!

VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXDI7g0zWfA


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