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Posted over 2 years ago

1. Your practically giving away all your models for free.. dont do that, raise your prices.
2. Your renderings need work, quality is very low/grainy.
3. Should have a minimum of 5 renderings
4. Should have a wireframe type rendering showing how the model is made with polygons and what not.
5.Provide better description, what is the native format, dimensions of the pieces.
6. Couch seat cushions seem to have too much wear on them
7.Your wood book case seem not to have a wood texture, or there is no UVW set.

Overall you did a decent job but the quality of renderings needs to improve and continue to learn to model

acera17 wrote
Constructive answer, we need more like these :)
azzamatta2571 wrote
I appreciate the feedback! I will definitely do this in future models. Regarding the prices, it seems lowering them is the only way to get any sales. Any pointers to get more attention? Thanks.

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