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Finished Challenges
3D Printing in Fashion World 2016

3D Printing in Fashion World 2016

2016 is a good year to set new trends, and we're thinking about setting some in the Fashion world. It's a tough task, but it can be done, right? Especially, when we have two (that's right, t-w-o!) 3D Printers to giveaway as a motivating factor...

Make unique accessories, belts, gadgets, shoes or anything you can 3D print and wear - make it stylish, make it trendy, make it 3D printable!

We're teaming up with Mbot3D, Lix and Innofil3D to give you something to fight for - Mbot GridII+ SH 3D Printers, LIX pens and printing filaments from Innofil3D!

Ended on 2016-03-14
First Model Challenge - February Edition

First Model Challenge - February Edition

Uploading your first model must bring a good feeling. That one, where you feel the achievement and excitement rushing trough your veins! OK, even if we got a bit carried away here, the feeling is still a good one, right?

After the successful first launch of the competition, we're continuing the First Model Challenge!

The challenge will run for the full February and anyone who uploads his first CG model is a contestant in this challenge! The winner will be picked at the start of the March.

For the February edition, we have a real goodie from Reallusion - iClone Animation Pipeline package, worth $790!

Ended on 2016-03-01
CG Science/Medical Challenge

CG Science/Medical Challenge

It's been a long time since we had a challenge like this. Wait, actually, did we even have one like this? Oh, we actually didn't... It's a completely new challenge, people!

This time round, we teamed up with Rayvision, Cheetah 3D and Maxon to give you a brand new CG Science/Medical Challenge. Put your mind to work, create a medical or science-related model and compete in our competition to win some great prizes!

The Prizes include render fees from Rayvision, licences from Cheetah 3D, Educational Licences by RayFire and Broadcast/Visualize versions from Maxon. If the winner is a Cinema 4D user, Maxon will give a set of special goodies for the winner, so no one is left without a reward!.

Ended on 2016-02-15
First Model Challenge

First Model Challenge

Everyone remembers their first model... It's just like the first kiss, first ride on your bike, or when you first started walking ( well, sort of)... Well, we're here with a new challenge for you - Upload your first model on CGTrader and have a chance to win 500 Hours of Free Rendering!

We've teamed up with our friends at Rayvision who are giving away a prize worth the devilishly handsome $666. A good way to start your career on our platform, don't you say?

The challenge will run for the full January and anyone who uploads his first model is a contestant in this challenge! We'll pick the winner at the start of the next month.

It's time to roll up your sleeves, upload on your first model and win the sweet-looking rendering fee from Rayvision!

Ended on 2016-01-31
CG Architecture Challenge

CG Architecture Challenge

Any time you start thinking about moving into that dream house of yours, there are so many questions. The kitchen, living room, style of the house, decorations, there are so much to think and dream about! Well, it's time to make those dreams into a visible reality. We're launching a challenge for you, lovely architects to compete in! Pick out what you're best at, take your time and show us what you want to see in your ideal home. Or just show us the ideal home, for that matter.

Last few architecture challenges were quite delicious (in a great-model-contest way), but they were missing one thing. There was no Architectural Details category winner - well, this time it's up for grabs! We're bringing a little breath of fresh air to the challenges, too! The challenge will take 3 months and we're going to have 3 individual winners in each Architectural category! We also encourage you to indicate the used software in your model descriptions - we'll make sure it's taken into the account at the end of the competition.

It's a good chance to get to know new software, too! Maxwell Render is encouraging trying its software for the competition. All participants interested in obtaining a free license for the duration of the competition, can get one contacting them at:

Your imagination and talent will be rewarded by our sponsors: Render fee by Ranch Computing, Pro accounts by 3D Wayfinder, Substance Painter and Substance Designer licences by Allegorithmic, Subscriptions by Landscape Architects Network and Colimo+ RealPerception Licenses by MotivaCG. Maxwell Render Suite Node-locked Licenses and Learning Editions by Maxwell Render. To sweeten the deal, we'll also throw in a few free sales.

It's up to you now 3D enthusiasts, bring your A-game!

Ended on 2016-01-22
Virtual Reality Environment Challenge

Virtual Reality Environment Challenge

Virtual reality is one of the most popular and hyped topics today. It is actually getting more and more exciting every day, so we decided to join the movement by organizing the challenge dedicated for the models suitable for virtual reality!

This time there is no concrete limits for you regarding the topic. We are expecting GAME-READY ENVIRONMENT 3D MODELS, so it can be anything starting from nature-themed models and ending with the environment from the imaginary world. It's all up to you. Have in mind that your designs cannot overcome the boundary of 50,000 polygons.

The best visionary proposals will receive amazing prizes from 3Dconnextion and CGTrader. Check the prizes section and get even more motivated!

So remove the imaginary boundaries, turn on your fantasy and surprise us with the quality and originality of your creations!

Ended on 2016-01-06
3D Printing Christmas Challenge

3D Printing Christmas Challenge

There is a celebration once a year, which knocks at the door quite unexpectedly. It is always like:"Oh, it's Winter? Christmas? Again?!", isn't it?

We are stepping into the middle of November and it's the best time to start searching for the memorable gifts for your loved ones. However, it is even better not to go on a shopping spree, but design 3D printable gifts by yourself!

Make some beautiful 3D printable models of gifts or decorations for Christmas and get great stuff for Christmas yourselves.

Turn on your 3D modeling software and hang your Christmas stockings on the fireplace. We have some great gadgets for the winners from 3Doodler, 3DPRINTUK, Marwiol and CGTrader!

Ended on 2015-12-20