CG Architecture Challenge

CG Architecture Challenge

Any time you start thinking about moving into that dream house of yours, there are so many questions. The kitchen, living room, style of the house, decorations, there are so much to think and dream about! Well, it's time to make those dreams into a visible reality. We're launching a challenge for you, lovely architects to compete in! Pick out what you're best at, take your time and show us what you want to see in your ideal home. Or just show us the ideal home, for that matter.

Last few architecture challenges were quite delicious (in a great-model-contest way), but they were missing one thing. There was no Architectural Details category winner - well, this time it's up for grabs! We're bringing a little breath of fresh air to the challenges, too! The challenge will take 3 months and we're going to have 3 individual winners in each Architectural category! We also encourage you to indicate the used software in your model descriptions - we'll make sure it's taken into the account at the end of the competition.

It's a good chance to get to know new software, too! Maxwell Render is encouraging trying its software for the competition. All participants interested in obtaining a free license for the duration of the competition, can get one contacting them at:

Your imagination and talent will be rewarded by our sponsors: Render fee by Ranch Computing, Pro accounts by 3D Wayfinder, Substance Painter and Substance Designer licences by Allegorithmic, Subscriptions by Landscape Architects Network and Colimo+ RealPerception Licenses by MotivaCG. Maxwell Render Suite Node-locked Licenses and Learning Editions by Maxwell Render. To sweeten the deal, we'll also throw in a few free sales.

It's up to you now 3D enthusiasts, bring your A-game!

Challenge ended on: 2016-01-22 23:59:59 UTC


Below are the top quality models that were participating in this challenge.