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Finished Challenges
CG Flora & Fauna Challenge

CG Flora & Fauna Challenge

Summer is yet to come bringing joy and warmness not only to people, but also to all living creatures. Thus, we decided to take the opportunity and launch Flora and Fauna challenge as the upcoming season will certainly help you to get inspired for such a topic!

In nature, flora and fauna complement each other, but since you are given a blank page, it's up to you to decide whether to model only plants, animals (take a look at bear 3D model, venom 3D model or velociraptor 3D model if you're out of ideas!) or combine them together! Your models - our prizes. This time we have really great ones: memberships from CG Cookie, Grow FX licenses from Exlevel, Autograss licenses from Happy Digital, Plant Kits by Laubwerk, $1000 render fee by Rayvision, Transform and Signal tools by Greyscalegorilla and cool prizes from CGTrader.

Generate original ideas, put them into the 3D model and render, add as much quality as possible and win marvelous prizes worth more than $7,000!

Ended on 2015-07-29
3D Print Miicraft+ Jewelry Challenge

3D Print Miicraft+ Jewelry Challenge

There were times when independent designers were really just tiny specks of creativity compared to the well-established design studios. The big guys ran the show and there was not much jewelry designers without serious financial backing could do to jump over that barrier. Well, let's call those times the pre-3D-printing Era. It's a bit like talking about the lives of those who survived the pre-Google Era. Tough times, serious struggle, happy to never know what that really means.

Consider yourself born under a lucky star if you have an unwavering passion for jewelry design and would like to give it a try. It's your time, and it's absolutely possible for you to earn money from such talent. Stop making excuses and start bending the software to produce the best pieces you can.

We have teamed up with MiiCraft+ to bring you an exciting 3D printing models challenge. These guys specialize in printers almost entirely dedicated to printing 3D jewelry and accessories. They were so generous to offer the Miicraft+ printer for the winner of the best 3D printable design category. So give it your best shot, because the game is on!

Ended on 2015-06-30
CG Watercraft Challenge

CG Watercraft Challenge

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking...

With the new CG Watercraft challenge we're going into open water. Is your ship / boat/ yacht/ canoe/ kayak/ raft... ready? Let's sail together.

It's a broad and therefore challenging concept, but the opportunity to showcase your realistic, vintage, steampunk, fantasy, army or futuristic watercraft designs will excite every pirate and sailor wannabe. If not that, then maybe the challenge of creating something that will leave your peers and judges in awe is something that will cause a storm inside of you. We're looking for high quality 3D watercraft models to strengthen our fleet.

Turn on your creativity mode and start uploading, as there are some kick-ass prizes to be won: Thea Render Studio licenses + all available plugins 3DS,C4D,SketchUp,Rhino by Solidiris, Toolbag 2 license by Marmoset, Subscription for 3 months by Pluralsight and cool prizes by CGTrader.

We're just beginners when it comes to captain talking, but all hands hoay! (= everyone get on the deck!)

Ended on 2015-06-04
Microsoft 3D Builder Test Model Challenge

Microsoft 3D Builder Test Model Challenge

CGTrader has teamed up with Microsoft to bring you something spectacular!

Microsoft are preloading the 3D Builder printing app with Windows 10. They are looking for 3D models specifically designed for testing and benchmarking 3D printers that will help users check the results for accuracy and deviations. For the best entries they are giving incredible prizes, including a Surface Pro 3! So, get ready - it will be swift and intense, but totally worth it!

You are given only a few short weeks to show what you are capable of and who knows, maybe your model will be preloaded on Windows 10! The kind of 3D print designs you want to make depends entirely on you, just make sure it is visually appealing and attractive. The most important part: don’t forget to look through the technical features mentioned in the 'judging' section as only those models which match the requirements will have a chance to be selected.

Do your best and become part of something that will touch many!

Ended on 2015-05-31
CG Low Poly Model Challenge

CG Low Poly Model Challenge

Do you game? That's the question. A modern take on Shakespear's "to be or not to be?" and (honestly) a filter that many use to decide which people are worthy of their friendship.

Hardcore and occasional gamers will appreciate the idea of diving into their fantasy concepts and emerging with game-ready 3D low poly models they'd love to see in a game. Whether you choose to create a favorite character model or environment concepts, there are only two requirements:

  • the model needs to be low poly (up to 50,000 polygons),
  • the model needs to be game-ready.

If you don't game and don't feel like the challenge theme particularly excites you, we have one killer reason that will keep you motivated - 3D game-ready models are among the best selling 3D works in the industry. See, you're hyped up now. Money is always a good driver.

Turn on your creativity mode and start uploading, as there are some kick-ass prizes to be won: 3D Shader Bundles by Video Copilot, iClone5 PRO Bundles by Reallusion, videos of choice from V-Ray or 3ds Max classes by CG School, software licenses by Moi3D.

Ended on 2015-05-11
3D Printed Miniatures Challenge

3D Printed Miniatures Challenge

Ironically, the 3D printed miniatures market is huge and continues to grow at meteoric speed. It's a hit, because it makes the journey from fantasy concepts, favorite games, movies or books one step closer to reality. You wake up one morning with a vivid mental image of a great warrior, far-far-away-land princess or a dream motorcycle firmly fixed in your mind, and by the time you go back to sleep, you can have it comfortably sitting on your bedside table. It's no magic, it's 3D printing.

By rolling out the 3D Printable Miniatures challenge, we want to invite you to step into the world where everything is possible. Share the 3D concept designs of everything and anything that makes your blood rush. What are you passionate about? Cars, motorcycles, architecture, art, abstract, fantasy, memes? Hit us with your most extravagant and extraordinary visions and receive generous rewards from us and our partners: 3Doodlers by 3Doodler, Filaments by 3D Filaprint and Extrudr, credits and promotional features by CGTrader.

Take a part in the challenge and surprise us!

Ended on 2015-04-27
3D Printing Easter Challenge

3D Printing Easter Challenge

In the old times they used a different word for April, which meant "the month of openings". Christians celebrated the resurrection of Christ during the month of openings, hence the Easter egg that symbolizes new beginnings, new life and fertility. We don't really bother finding out facts that our traditions sit on anymore, and who could blame us? Given the speed we live at and the different perspective we have on life, less and less people care about looking back to learn about the history and focus on imprinting their mark on the future. And this, we believe, is where 3D printing emerges offering a different take on new beginnings, a way to apply one's imagination, creativity and skill to contribute to shaping the future.

The Easter 3D Printing challenge is an attempt to liven up the traditional spring festival that celebrates the idea of new life using modern technologies. What comes to mind when we think about the Easter festival is family gatherings, sprouting flowers, chocolate eggs and colorful decorations. The question we want you to ponder is how 3D printing models could be used to infuse the festival with new ideas, state-of-the-art product designs and unusual knick-knacks for decorating. Let the 3D printed games begin.

The winners will receive awesome prizes: 3Doodlers by 3Doodler, Filaments by 3D Filaprint and Extrudr, 10% discount when ordering your print through i.materialise, 10% discount to shop in the store by Pirx3D, credits and promotional features by CGTrader.

Let's 3D print the old festival a new face!

Ended on 2015-04-21