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Finished Challenges
3D Sci-Fi Challenge

3D Sci-Fi Challenge

Tell us what you see when you lift the veil and peek into the dystopian or utopian future worlds. What is your idea of alternative universe and highly altered state of existence? Are there beings out there? What do they look like? What do they do and how do they live? When you step into those parallel planets, does your heart stop due to their colorful beauty or overwhelming fear? Can we take a space lift to travel there? Let the current of questions take you to unimagined places and thrill you with implausible adventures and stories. Ignite the future with a spark of untamed imagination.

We have run a similar challenge last year and have been taken aback by the creativity and effort that went into modeling 3D spaceships, characters, buildings, vehicles, guns and all kinds of concept 3D models (halo 3D models page is a good place for ideas) that intensified the experience of visiting future worlds. In fact, it's rather addictive, so here we are again, asking you to pull the big guns and show us some back to the future stuff (Star wars 3D models, anyone?) that would make this challenge a roaring adventure.

The best visionary proposals will receive awesome prizes: Substance Indie Packs and Substance Painter / Substance Designer licenses by Allegorithmic, interviews in the magazine by 3D Artist Online, $1000 render fee by Rayvision, 1 Year Professional level accounts by, store credits by Daz3D, Maxwell Render Suite Node Lock and Learning Edition licenses by Nextlimit, credits and promotional features by CGTrader.

Good luck!

Ended on 2015-04-20
Apple Watch Accessories 3D Printing Challenge

Apple Watch Accessories 3D Printing Challenge

Wearable technology is spinning the tech-lovers out of control. There's so much media frenzy about the upcoming release of Apple Watch that, no matter whether you love or hate the idea of the first chic wearable, it's in your face.

The new 3D printable models free challenge is all about the Apple Watch and the commercial possibilities waiting to be unlocked. It's a fantastic opportunity for you to use the vibrant pre-sale anticipation period to promote your 3D print designs and earn money off your talent. Submit 3D printable accessory designs compatible with the new smart watch, such as watch-stands, cases, buckles and straps, travel pouches, and so on, to win sparkling prizes and see your 3D models added to the special Apple Watch Accessories collection, boosting your chances to hit the jackpot. Let the 3D printed games begin!

We say the smartwatch needs a smart touch to take the world by storm.

Ended on 2015-04-15
CG Environment Challenge

CG Environment Challenge

Environment. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when reading this word? Rocks? Trees? Maybe your hometown? Dozens of different scenarios and all of them are the right ones, as we decided not to put any limits on this challenge!

So remove the imaginary boundaries, turn on your fantasy and create the environment that you are or would like to be surrounded by. Yes, it means that your models can be both realistic and imaginary (take a look at sci fi 3D models for a little inspiration), just keep in mind that the natural environment should dominate.

It doesn't matter whether you are professional or just starting your path down the road to becoming a skilled 3D models artist - surprise the judges with the originality of the model / rendering, artistic skills, or quality, and win great prizes that will help you create even more amazing models.

The best visionary proposals will receive awesome prizes: DOSCH 3D: Splash Effects packages by Dosch Design, Colimo and RealPerception licenses by Motiva CG, plugins of choice by R&D Group, courses of choice by 3D Buzz, subscriptions for three months by Digital Tutors, credits and promotional features by CGTrader.

Compel us by recreating nature or designing a completely different environment to what we are used to live in! We want to see it!

Ended on 2015-03-23
3D Printing in Education Challenge

3D Printing in Education Challenge

You won't be surprised to learn that schools and universities around the world are starting to adopt 3D printers. The potential to innovate teaching methods using additive manufacturing technology is insane. To illustrate how huge it is, we would actually go so far as to say it might be the end of sleeping through math or biology class. (yeap, that's right)

The problem here is that cool 3D print models for educational purposes are still difficult to find. The science category may not be the sexiest one, but it is super important, and we like to think that developing this discussion we're contributing to a brighter and tech savvier future for us all. Is your inner geek still alive and well? Then shake off that cool designer's vibe and help us reshape modern education.

Science, technology, engineering, maths, design and technology - these are the disciplines that could greatly benefit from 3D models for printing. The purpose of this challenge is to generate a collection of smartly-designed and useful 3 dimensional visual aids that would help teachers illustrate hard-to-grasp concepts, enhance hands-on learning and learning by doing. Think of what drove you crazy back in school (or still is!) and what could be explained in a much much simpler way. Whether it's a 3D printable skeleton or a rocket, an engine or a set of planets - enter the challenge to woo the future adopters of 3D printing. Embrace your inner geek and win amazing prizes from 3D Printing Store, Cartesio3D, 3D Buzz and Tinkercad!

Ended on 2015-03-18
CG Robots Challenge

CG Robots Challenge

The new generation of robots is nothing like the sandwich-maker-type of machines that we thought them to be 20 years ago. Modern robots can look and behave like humans, pushing the imagination boundaries to extreme lengths. Here at CGTrader we think robots(like the recent ultron 3D model) are cool and they'll be integral to our future, but everyone knows that creative projects like building a robot have to start from the basics - it starts with an idea. What will the robot look like? What functions and features will it have? Will it be a cute, functional, military, utilitarian or steampunk machine? We love them all, bring it on!

The CG Robots Challenge is designed with 3D artists in mind who are interested in exploring new concepts and creating something fresh and mind-bending. Don't worry about rules or restrictions - there are none. All 3D robot designs are welcome, but we thought you might want to know that we're very bad at saying no to inventive and new ideas. Can you imagine (and 3D model) the future today? Then we want to see it! Showcase your skills and win prizes worth more than $7000!

Ended on 2015-02-15
Valentine's Day 3D Printing Challenge

Valentine's Day 3D Printing Challenge

February is mostly about love and love is all about the great DESIGN of faith.

So no matter if you've got someone to share your breakfast with or you're still single because you have not yet met someone who can handle all of your awesome, we want you to put your creative energy to work and design the perfect Valentine's day gift.

What 3D printing models bring to the table is the unexpected, the impossible-made-possible and the truly personal. So we think it's time to 3D print the present that will leave your SO in awe (and get you all the great prizes!). Let's not have another Valentine's day filled with chocolates and meaningless postcards...

What could make a good present? Aim for classics and add your own twist: jewelry, art, home or gadget categories seem to be the best fit for this occasion. You can even print your beloved's 3D dog model for a perfect surprise. Show us some love!

Ended on 2015-02-09
3D CG Architecture Challenge

3D CG Architecture Challenge

Click by click, brick by brick - create your own concept building or your dream house, or redesign an existing structure for purposes other than those for which it was originally intended. It's a thrilling challenge created to ignite enthusiasm and curiosity in 3D designers who have inspiring ideas how to take the modern architecture to the next level. We've turned the challenge into an annual competition, since we know how much you love the category. If we had to describe the winning designs in a few words, we'd probably go with awe-inspiring and authentic.

Only this time we're running the challenge in a slightly different fashion. There will be two separate categories - Best 3D Interior and Best 3D Exterior 3D architecture models. So when you set out to design your concept cities, buildings and interiors, please keep in mind that this time we don't have the best 3D portfolio category - we're looking for the most impressive designs of both 3D interiors and 3D exteriors.

The best visionary proposals will receive awesome prizes: HDRI Sky Moments: Bundles and Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Domes of choice by Hyper Focal Design, SolidRocks licences (3dsmax or c4d) by Subburb, 250MB Premium memberships by CGTextures, V-Ray Material Presets Pro for 3ds Max by Siger Shop, 500 € rendering credits by Ranch Computing, MoskitoRender full licenses by Cebas, special prizes by E-on Software and promotional features by CGTrader.

We can't wait to take a tour around your dream house/skyscraper/or building and give away the prize pool of more than $13 000!

Ended on 2015-01-30