EC mk IVs

EC mk IVs 3D print model


A large collection of mk IV armored soldiers with equipment for a variety of roles.

This set includes: -a backpack for general use -pauldrons, one with a large wing, another with the third company signifier, as well as a blank variant


  • 5 posed legs
  • 6 bodies, all with different ornate symbols and marks of the third legion
  • 3 sets of arms with rifles
  • a single head for general use


  • 5 differently posed legs
  • 3 bodies with ports in the center for meshing with specific heads
  • 6 heads, some of which have tubes for meshing with the heavy bodies.
  • 3 sets of arms holding large sonic weapons


  • 5 legs, posed in ways meant to show jumping or landing movement -3 arms with pistols, as well as versions with the pistol flipped, meant to be used for dual pistol setups
  • 3 arms with chainsaw swords
  • 4 arms with more traditional swords
  • a single head with a larger breather and intakes.
  • a jumppack

Palatines, elite weaponmasters,

  • a different design entierly, using an upper and lower torso piece to obtain less static posing options. The arms and legs also have larger joints to emphasize the agility and movement of these fighters.
  • a unique backpack
  • uniquely ornate pauldrons
  • 5 ornate heads
  • 4 lower torsos and 5 upper torso -5 legs
  • a large variety of weapons, including a large seargent spear, 7 sword poses, 3 glaives, 4 pistols, and 5 large axes or tabars.

Captain -based on the palatines, but with a completely unique set of pieces.

These were designed for resin printing, I personally printed them on a Anycubic Photon Mono 4k with generic Anycubic Eco resin. A majority of the parts are presupported, barring a few pieces I was asked to individually produce for specific users.

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EC mk IVs
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EC mk IVs
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  • Publish date2023-07-18
  • Model ID#4644367
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