Creating perfect circular cutout from a mesh in blender

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Just a quick tutorial on how to make perfect circular cutout from a mesh in blender. This technique saves me so much time. :)

I'll be using blender 2.68 for this tutorial.

1. Load your mesh, for this tutorial i'll be using a simple plane subdivided 2 times.

2. Enter 'Edit Mode' and select the face that you want to cut. Subdivide it 2 times as shown.

3. Still in 'Edit Mode' , hit SPACEBAR and type 'to sphere' or hit SHIFT + ALT + S . Drag your mouse away from the 3d cursor.

A perfect circle ! Now you can delete or extrude the created circle. This work on whole mesh too. 

Have fun  :)  


Posted over 6 years ago

Very interesting!

Posted over 6 years ago

This could look a fast way to create a circular hole but you have create 4 ngons and, topologically speacking, you have create many tris in a critical point. I someone bought a model like this and wants to solve the problem the right way is to delete the hole and the ngons and restart. So, for me, this is not fast at all. Just my two cents.

firdz3d wrote
thanks for your comment. I'll look into that
Posted over 6 years ago

Nice tutorial but guys also make some tutorials of maya

Posted over 6 years ago

i've never use maya...just max and blender :)

Posted over 6 years ago

Very good! Thank you for sharing! :)

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