Wildcat Test assignment submission trouble

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Hey, I'm having some trouble with the submission for the wildcat test assignment;

I've finished the model, went to the wildcat page of the model, clicked the round #1 tab, wrote a message and attached the .zip file; clicked the "Send message or add files" button. However there's a message at the side of this button: *Adding files or sending a message doesn't submit the request. Click the button below to do so.

The "Submit request for review" is disabled, I can't click it no matter what. (And there's NO button below the aforementioned message)

So how do I submit the model ? (My deadline is february 11)


Posted 6 days ago

Ok, so I enabled the button through the developer tools from the browser and requested a review; No additional form was shown, the assignment status now shows it was submitted. Since it wasn't showing any previously sent messages, I sent another one with the model attached.

The interface is somewhat confusing, the round# tab says sending messages/files does not submit the request and indicates to do so using the submit button below it (The submit button is at the top of the page right below the header, not below the Send Message button).

Posted 6 days ago

thank you
i was submit file

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