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Hello, I've been trying to upload a model for the test assigntment but it keeps giving me an error

"Materials naming mismatch:
expected 'M_(digit)_(digit)',"

The only identifier provided was the UID, does anyone have an idea of what those two digits could mean


Posted about 1 month ago

you used the cgtrader script named Maple_Renamer_0.1.13 ??

RedVortex wrote
No I didn't use any script and its already been fixed.
Lexx74 wrote
How I can find it? Please provide the link
Posted about 1 month ago

you should download it, the script is very usefull

freehanddraws wrote
i am having the same problem. Errors: Materials naming mismatch: expected 'M_(digit)_(digit)', found 'M_0_0_aafd6192' Can you help me.
Posted 9 days ago

I had same issue. If you carefully read the pdf/docs you'll figure it out, but I think they could have explained it better. If your doing the pbr test, this is how to do the materials:
In Blender/3dsmax etc. Name your material M_0_0 and use one uv map. Then bake your AO, BaseColor, Metalness, Normal, and Roughness from your high res object(s) to low res (single object). Name your textures like this: M_0_0_(Project ID)_BaseColor.jpg Change 'BaseColor' to the corresponding map obviously. So in the end you will have one material 5 textures and one uv map for a single object. My issue was that I used 2 materials cause I thought it looked to low quality and I thought I could fit more in the 7mb file size lol. Hope that helped someone :)

RedVortex wrote
It certainly did, thanks for sharing

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