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Embarking on the world of 3D modelling. Have experience in Adobe Dimensions and After Effects, and would love to learn to build chocolate bars and animate them breaking like this:


I am researching on which programs to start learning. It says that Cinema 4D, Houdini and After Effects are used for this job. I am assuming that Houdini was used to create the breaking effect, and Cinema 4D was used to build the bar. Would that be correct? Can anyone comment on why Cinema 4D was used to build, as opposed to other programs like ZBrush or Blender? Would it have been a personal preference or is there something different about Cinema4D to the other programs that was used?

Also what effects were used in After Effects? Would it be the slow motion?


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You can build models with most 3d progams & they do pretty much the same things - for example moving verticies, edges & polygons in a 3d space. The methods each use are different, so that's where personal preference comes in. I started with Cinema 4D as a hobby, moved to 3DS Max for my job & now I use Blender for everything. I would recommend Blender as there is no issue with licencing & there is not only plenty of tutorials, but also a very helpful community which is at the heart of the projects aim. I don't have too much knowledge with the animated effects in the example, but if you needed to use other programs due to blenders open attitude to collaboration if sure you could get a workflow/advice from other in the community.

Hope that helps & good luck!

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The thing is that this kind of animation and modeling is never done by one person. In order to get this level of quality you need a team that consists of 3d modelers, riggers, animators and in some cases physicist. I never meet person in my 3d career that is "jack of all trades" in other words can do all of this on the highest level posible. As stated on that artstation link, the animation is done by https://www.riodepost.com/ , Daniel Klepek did model, shader and light setup. As far as, what software goes, as 3dcn said, they all do the same thing, mostly in the same way. My suggestion is to try them and choose one that have to you the most logical interface. For example I personally work with, 3d max, cinema4d, maya, but i can't get my head around blender no matter what because of it's (to me) non logical and complicated interface, but there are people here that are so good with it that i call them, the blender "killers".

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