Visualization problems in viewport (3DS MAX 2021 & SKETCHUP 2019 - V-RAY NEXT)

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Since I upgraded Vray 3.6 to Vray NEXT, I've noticed that my viewport has display errors. I think that's because I try to render with both CPU and GPU, but I'm not sure. I leave some screenshots of the issue I'm having. That happens with 3DS Max and Sketchup, both with Vray NEXT installed. If someone has any idea what's happening here please, explain me what can I do to solve this problem. Thanks.

I leave the images in a drive folder because it seems the webpage doesn't want to upload my images.

I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050Ti with Intel i7 7700HQ


Posted 8 months ago

If you suspect Vray, then probably the best place to seek an answer is chaos group forum.

alexvillarios wrote
Couple days ago I worked with AutoCAD and I had the same issues with viewport visualization, so Vray is not the problem . Thanks for the reply, anyways :D
LemonadeCG wrote
If it happens across different softwares, then first thing you should check, is the graphic drivers. Update to the latest version. If that doesn't help, try tocompletely wipe out old drivers and do a fresh install.

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