The zip and rar files is not uploading!!!

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The rar and zip files is not uploading!!! Why??? it is been 2 days. I shall crazy. :_( it is stopping at %100...


Posted about 1 month ago

Yeah i came across with the same problem. I know how you're feeling, it's so frustrating. Here where I live(Turkey) the upload speed is max 1 mbps on adsl modems and i think the site is optimized to the average upload speed value of 20 mbps UK/US. So I don't know where you live but i believe our problem may be common. if your upload level is lower than the average like mine, the uploading process times itself out when it can't read any high values and stucks itself. I couldn't actually managed to find a solution to that tbh. My zips were like 200mbs each and I tried over and over again till it eventually managed to upload all. Try picking one by one rather than selecting all of your archives that helps preventing upload traffic as well. Hope they fix the issue soon. Well it's not an issue for me actually it's just my country's bad upload speed lol. Lets say hope they optimize the system for low upload speed systems :)

Posted about 1 month ago

hocam git bi kafeye ordan yükle başka türlü olmuyor upload hızı düşük olunca otomatik iptal edebiliyor yüklemeyi :d

linearblend wrote
Aynen oyle o kadar yazdik English ama uzun lafin kisasi bu :D
Posted about 1 month ago

Hey, dev ! Why not using .7zip or .tar.gz ? Way lighter, free and open source...

Jackurt wrote
İs .7zip realy lighter than .rar?
jau wrote
Depends on the content and the compression level. I admit, it's often the same at "normal" levels. Anyway, we shouldn't use a proprietary format (most of the time pirate it) when there is a free format ! Here, there are even two ! If you're not on Linux, you can use
Posted about 1 month ago


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