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I recently tried to post two models each of low poly guns, I understand it had to be reviewed but it says they were suspended? I have seen hundreds of like hyperrealistic gun models for sale on here? why were my very simple models suspended ?


Posted 14 days ago

Your models are suspended because you triggered suspension mechanism by using certain word for tag. Let's put it this way: CGT doesn't like weapons and especially doesn't allow selling models of weapons that can be 3d printed, because of that every single 3d model of any kind a weapon must go through the administration so that it can be checked, checked what it is, what is the main usage, can it be modified to 3d printable model or is it already 3d printable.

Posted 10 days ago

UPDATE: So I contacted CGTrader support and it was because I had a .stl file in the gun pages. and CGTrader does not allow for 3d prints of guns or gun replicas. So I agreed to have the .stl file removed and re-uploaded.
Check out my page to give them a look. :)

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