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This guy == " " sell stolen models and he won a lot of money. He didn't upload wirefame images and i think he use Daz3D base character model. ( He sold my Daz3D hair model ) but he was deleted my model ( Woman 2 and Woman 7 ) ( i saw sales history and he still selling on Turbosquid my model ).

He still has stolen models on his profile.

For example;

I am sure this hairs is stolen. But i can't put all the models here or report them because i don't have time. And this is not my job. Why Cgtrader employees aren't analyze them.

And what can i do for this situation.

Thank you for help...

Best regards.


Posted 12 months ago

Not even link to your own model or at least profile? How you suppose cgtrader staff could possibly know about the fact of theft? You don't have time to report few stollen models from you, but couple guys from CGT support, should be perfectly capable to overwatch a database of million models and identify all stolen models. Don't you think that's a bit naive to expect for?

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