Royality Free License and using bought models with my models

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Hi, I have a question about Royality free license.

Is it possiblle for me to buy for example this model, make a lowpoly mesh based on it, bake it, texture it and rig it and then sell that model here? Or would I be violating the Royality free license.

I wouldn't be selling just the plain hands, I would sell it as FPS pack with weapons, animated and have some more variations (sleeves, gloves etc.).

Based on what I read in General Terms and Conditions this should be ok to do since I wouldn't be reselling the same model I would just use it as highpoly for the bake but I would still like for someone to clarify.



Posted 2 months ago

It seems to me that this would not be all your own work. In fact, the author of the Z-Brush hands would be correct to think that you were stealing his work.

david7s wrote
You are right. I talked about it with cgtraders support and the process mentioned above is not allowed.

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