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Hello, for some time I have weird problem with clients that buy low-poly models made specifically for games/animations, and ask or request for STL file conversion of those objects to be 3D printable. And Im not really sure if that is point of that button request as pretty much most of game/animation objects are not made to be 3D printed as they contain lots of separate parts, and scaling them / making them manifold pretty much mean creating new model from scratch of spend few hours to modify it...
Im totally ok with it, if its small or simple object but few times I got messages to convert eg. VBTP-MR Guarani And Im like... seriously?

So could someone tell me what should I do in such situation?
Should I decline such request? Prepare just file format conversion without any other work? Or its part of the terms & conditions to spend all that time to modify it for single buyer? If Im not gonna convert it I will lose reputation and get message about refund? Worst part is that Im doing mostly weapons(as I like making them) and people actually send me messages about converting them too... Like I already had few moderated models because I put stl files inside zip and Im not really that happy to deal with more of it...



Posted 4 months ago

If you are not comfortable with it say no... its about that simple really.

The flip side to think about is if you are getting so many requests maybe you should design print ready models and increase the price for the extra work on your side. Ive never had such a request but if I did it would get me thinking maybe ive hit a good niche to capitalize on.

3DCargo wrote
Although Im not sure about the legal side when it comes to weapons, I mean if they are not designed to actually shoot projectiles then its something to chat with support about if you go down that route.
Akinaro wrote
Problem is that Im really doing models in my free time after work, and even if its nice to have additional income, Im not really into 3D printing(tried that actually, too much work with dimensions that need to be perfect). I always tried to make my models for games and mods as my whole life I was doing mods for games and I know that people like weird and cursed guns, and spending more time just to make them printable even if its really nice idea, its not my cup of tea :/ Also I know that I could say no, but I was just wondering if that is part of terms/condition of file format conversion option, and does it affect reputation or other things(not like I care about points but... its nice to have clean 5/5 rating, its not often I get that in life...). PS. love your work, its so clean and with good lighting... I sadly suck at lighting -_-
3DCargo wrote
Ah yes that makes sense. To be honest if its not your interest I would just decline the request - as Forester mentioned it wont hurt your reputation. If you don't agree to something then that's your choice. Also I think people who offer 3D print models who don't print and test them are not offering a genuine service - there's more to it obviously than just exporting as STL. Thanks for the kind words about my work :) I also think you have a great portfolio - I am not so good at weapons and looks like you have some great content for games and real-time stuff, it shows you have a passion for 3D.
Posted 4 months ago

No, its not part of the terms and conditions of the site that you are required to make conversions to printable formats.

As 3DCargo says, just politely decline, perhaps with an explanation that an entirely new model woud be required for a print-ready piece.

This really is NOT going to affect your repuation.

Posted 4 months ago

I added this warning to my models descriptions:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Model is NOT suitable for 3D printing and is NOT suitable for usage in applications like

So maybe if you want to get less STL convertion requests you can try to do similar thing. :-)

zabotlama wrote
In other words I will rather get less sales than spending my free time by converting my models into something where the result (quality) is unsure because I have no experience with 3D printing and I have no capacity to dive into this problematic
Posted 4 months ago

zabotlama's answer is probably the best by letting the customer know up front, that your models are not suitable for 3D printing. Most people interested in 3D printing just assume that if it looks good on the screen, it will print fine, which is not the case. "Suitable" may be a somewhat vague word, because it involves an opinion. Perhaps even go a step further, saying that your models are NOT 3D printable and hopefully then, you will get less questions of "Can you make this 3D printable?".

You do some fine work, by the way. Keep it up.

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