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Hi there,

My Marmoset viewer files are not getting loaded when i click on the Marmoset icon on the model page. Happens on different pc's and browsers. When i click on the icon, the frame goes full black, the loading bar is not even getting displayed.

Examples of not loading models:

For some reason this one seems to load correctly at the moment:


BTW: i'm now reuploading the viewer files, and then they are working again. They are the exact same files, can you check why they get defected? I'll keep the model below as is (broken viewer file), so you can check if something is wrong with it:


Posted about 2 years ago

Hmm I did just try no one, even those which you tell are working, are not working for me.

Maybe change browser ?

Posted about 2 years ago

Edit : I restarted my web browser and all of your viewers work ;)

Hane3D wrote
Awesome, thank you for checking it out!

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