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I have been trying to upload my model to wildcat on the modelling tasks page but it keeps sending back the non-reset transform error code. I believe I have done it correctly, I don't know how else could I fix it. Someone has a solution for this?

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Posted 20 days ago

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

Please contact us via and we will provide you more information about the situation.

Austeja from CGTrader

Posted 19 days ago

register here please if after your model has been approved, we will be happy to know. Especially as people who join the platform with the hope of some return.

Posted 8 days ago

For the Blender users and model in cm scale this is the problem (probably in meters also occur). FBX in Blender have bugs.

User mmz-001 discover the problem and solution, read the instructions:
I also had this issue and found a solution after inspecting the FBX file with Autodesk FBX Converter. The issue is blender's FBX exporter is broken, and you need to adjust some settings before you export it. Here are the steps to solve this annoying problem.

1. Apply all transforms
2. Scale your model by 100x
3. Apply all transforms again.
4. Use these settings in the FBX exporter.
Scale: 0.01
Apply Scalings: All local
Forward: Y Forward
Up: Z Up
Uncheck apply unit

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