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I am modeling an ottoman, and need help interpreting the instructions, which say, "Amount of materials should be same as amount of texture sets."

Some info on the model:
My ottoman is one mesh, with a high-poly version baked onto a normal
map. The materials are a gray mottled leather with dark wood feet. I
have been provided only this texture...

1st question:
So, a "material" is the full node set-up, and a "texture" is any of the
maps or images used to plug in to that material's nodes (or just set on
the UV mapping). Is that correct? But, then, what is a "texture set"? I would think they mean the group of generated images or textural maps for each of the 9 materials they list here:

  • Main textures:

    • BaseColor (sRGB)

    • AO (Linear)

    • Roughness (Linear)

    • Metalness (Linear)

    • Normal (RGB)

    • Opacity (Linear)

    • Emissive (sRGB)

  • Additional textures: Glossiness, Specular

Here are the other relevant instructions:

  • Single UV set per model, multiple textures sets if extra resolutions is needed

  • Only square textures, 4096x4096 resolution

  • Normal maps baked from hi-poly models

  • Metalness & Specular workflow maps needed


What I would normally think to do in making a model like this is to
apply a material to each part (one for the leather, one for the feet),
then use a multi-noded setup for each one, including procedural texture
for the basecolor, the provided texture image for bump and light-related
maps (the baking of which I will be figuring out on the fly), the baked
normal map I have from the high-poly mesh, plus certain settings on the
Diffuse Shader.

It seems to me that this does not meet the following requirements:

Metalness & Specular workflow maps needed (This confuses
me anyway, as I've never really heard of using every single map, and I
thought Metalness & Specular were generally used one or the other.
Also, can you even bake a procedural color into a image map?)

Amount of materials should be same as amount of texture sets
(It seems like I will have 2 materials and something like 9 textures,
so what really differentiates a texture set from a material in this

Can someone set me straight, and maybe help me figure out the workflow here?


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