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Is the idea for this site that the models comes in blank and you have to drag all the custom materials/textures onto the model?

I downloaded a model with 300 or so materials/textures, whats the point if it takes me hours to drag everything into place, I could have just built the model myself. Just slightly confused here or missing a step, you tell me.

I am working in Keyshot, Lumion, and 3ds Max. Keyshot preferred. And none of the materials come in with the model. I have tried to load all material/texture files in the back-end of the files.


Posted 6 months ago

Usually the models will have all their textured linked at least it should when in their native format. You can check with the artist why his textures are not linked.

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It depends of the software you're using and the format you downloaded.
I personally try to bake all my models so everything is very quick and organized, you can always ask the artist with which software will the materials with textures automatically load. (native soft maybe ?)

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I believe most artiest here see to it that the native formats they deliver renders out of the box with the default renderer, or the renderer that specific artist typically uses and supports (advertised this in the description, for example setup with Vray, etc.). The exchange formats (OBJ, FBX, etc.) if exported correctly, should usually (but not always) support the basic native material slots/textures of most 3D applications, however you would still need to setup materials if using different plugin rendering software that uses different materials then what your host application delivers. Its impossible to support all the different 3D software and renderer combinations out there, so in your case if the artist advertised a 3ds max file setup with Keyshot and it does not render out of the box then I believe you would be entitled for refund. If the artist did not tell anything about this sort of combination then he is not obligated to support this.

Question, did your package came with OBJ+.mtl file?
If so then make sure to have the folder named “maps” (holding all the textures) resides in same folder where OBJ resides. FBX usually would have media embedded in the file and create basic materials with the textures in diffuse, specular, bump, etc. on the fly upon import (if artist have setup correctly). However, keep in mind if the artist would have used a third party renderer then implementation of FBX exporter in his host application would most likely not support this renderer and thus not contain any material or texture media upon exporting his scene. I believe artists are not obligated to create an FBX having native materials in it but it would be good practice if they do so.

babyblendy1 wrote
You my friend are absurdly helpful! Thank you! I assumed in purchasing the FBX. and OBJ. files that they were kind of global and I wouldn't have issues since my renderer does support that file type. The artist used an older version of 3DS Max and a renderer called Corona. So I am not sure who is really at fault here. Yes It did come with MTL but not .OBJ, would it even be better to put the .FBX file in the maps folder? I do believe that is why I am having the issues, the renderer used does not like my render program.

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